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Defeat is not bitter unless you swallow it.
Advice and Chizuk
Pictures…. To Send Or Not To Send?
Question: My daughter is 24 years old, bright, talented, kind, pretty, with a fantastic, warm personality. Shidduchim are difficult if a girl doesn’t have the “right” degree, the “right” job, the “right” hobbies, but we’re doing our best to network and hav...
Ask the Shadchan
I Said No But…
second guessing
Question: I dated a boy for about 3 weeks last May. We went out 6 times. I really had a good time, he was a baal maale, baal middos, was considerate, nice, and cared deeply about Torah. We had really good chemistry and I liked being with him. However, he lacked certain things that I… ...
Fashion Tips
Split Bangs
Question: I need help with this in regards to dating AND every day… my bangs split sometimes, and when they do… it’s so annoying!! Now of course, most people’s bangs are not naturally swept to the side, so what do we do in this situation? I don’t want to be sitting ther...
A friend of mine sent this to me yesterday and I feel compelled to share the inspiration with you. I was in the car and got some inspiration and decided to write. “The inconvenience is temporary yet the results are permanent.” I passed by a construction site with these words plastered on...
I read this on – thoughts from R’ Shimshon Pincus zt”l. It’s an amazing comparison. Enjoy! Imagine for yourself, a Father who is strolling through the busy ‘Shuk’(Marketplace) for Arba Minim in Yerushalayim on Erev Sukkos, on the hunt for that ‘perfect...

If a woman can not remember if she bentched, it is best to wash and eat more bread, (both with a bracha, since she was not planning on eating more) and then bentch. If this is too difficult then she does not bentch at all since according to many poskim, bentching is not medoraisa for woman.