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We all know how important it is to stay inspired.  To constantly be climbing the ladder of life and working to become better.  We hope you enjoy our collection of shiurim and articles both on the topic of shidduchim and other time related inyanim.  Please contact us if you have any other “inspiration” to add to this column.

0 Worry Free Living by Devorah

“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it keeps you going but gets you nowhere.” I was thinking about this when I was worrying about something. I kept thinking, “what if this happens?” and “what if that happens?!” and then I said to myself, “You know, there are so many things that could go wrong but… Read More »

0 The Results Are Permanent – Inspiration By Devoiry

A friend of mine sent this to me yesterday and I feel compelled to share the inspiration with you. I was in the car and got some inspiration and decided to write. “The inconvenience is temporary yet the results are permanent.” I passed by a construction site with these words plastered on the fence. It… Read More »

0 Succos

I read this on – thoughts from R’ Shimshon Pincus zt”l. It’s an amazing comparison. Enjoy! Imagine for yourself, a Father who is strolling through the busy ‘Shuk’(Marketplace) for Arba Minim in Yerushalayim on Erev Sukkos, on the hunt for that ‘perfect’ Lulav and Esrog. He takes along his precious little toddler, ‘Yankele’. He… Read More »

6 Rabbi Klatzko

This Shiur, by Rabbi Klatzko, is full of valuable tips and tools for any girl that is in shidduchim. Rabbi Klatzko, along with his wit and wisdom, begins with his own humorous dating experience along with his experience at being a Shadchan. He then discusses how to prioritize what one is looking for, and how to ensure that one does not pass up their opportunity in dating Mr. Right. This Shiur will definitely keep your interest as he keeps you entertained throughout!