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Hi there, it’s Shani from Fashion Tips writing. This is the place to turn to when it comes to those questions that can make your mind spin. I’ve been there and done that, so I am looking forward to giving you that clear, straightforward advice that you feel you need. Flats or heels? What number date is it anyway? Is black the safest way to go or does a color show some personality? We welcome your questions and comments below and I look forward to meeting you and connecting to you through our correspondences. May we only share in Simchas with each other! Stay tuned for more….Shani

Inshidduchim is fortunate to have Chaya Halon, of Chaya’s Precuts, located in Flatbush, Cedarhurst, and Lakewood, to answer all of our hair related questions.

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5 Managing Thin Hair

Question: Are there any products or tricks that you can recommend for those of us with thin hair? Answer: (answered by Chaya Halon, transcribed by Shani) First of all, use the Pantene that specifies that it is for thin hair. For conditioner, use one that is for dry hair and only use a very small… Read More »

5 Frizzy Hair


I hope you can help me.  Before I go on a date, I spend a lot of time on my hair since it tends to get frizzy easily.  It looks perfect when I walk out the door….

6 Heels or Flats?


Q: I’m never quite sure what type of shoes to wear on a date. I am most comfortable in flats and I own some really cute pairs that go nicely with my dating wardrobe…