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Welcome to the “Advice and Chizuk” section of “”. We hope you find this corner to be a source of inspiration and clarity as you sort through the various challenges that this Parsha presents. In this section we hope to hear from you- the dilemmas you face, the feelings you encounter and the choices you may be struggling with.

Sara Eisemann, LMSW, ACSW, is a therapist who lives in Oak Park, Michigan, with her husband and five children. She is on temporary leave from the field (about 10 years now) as she raises her family, but has maintained her love for working with people. Sara lectures on topics related to relationships, personal development and growth. She has a passion for humor, writing, and kiruv but mostly for promoting self-awareness and authenticity in our relationship with Hashem and with each other. She welcomes questions, comments, feedbacks and interaction.

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0 Bashert?

Question: I’m about to enter shidduchim, and have a problem with a concept I think is crucial to understand before I begin dating. Obviously, I believe Hashem created and controls the world, and my emunah is strong. However, I’ve always had questions about the idea of bashert. I can’t help but feel doubtful and cynical… Read More »

0 Money Money Money!?

Question: I am a pretty, talented, put­ together 23­ year ­old. I have a good job, a decent personality (if I may say so), and a wonderful family. I am also 1 of 11 children and my father is a rebbe. My parents, generous as they are, are financially strapped. Shadchanim tell me that bachurim… Read More »

0 The Next Level

Question: I recently started dating someone. The first two dates went well, and I received positive feedback from the shadchan almost immediately. After the third date, the boy didn’t respond until much later in the day after he had consulted with his Rosh Yeshiva. He decided to go out a fourth time, even though he… Read More »

0 Too Much Dating!?

Question: I have been in shidduchim for over a year now and I’m just way too overwhelmed. I have gone out with so many boys already it’s embarrassing. I’m at a point where I just don’t want to date anymore. I feel like Hashem is making the shidduch parsha extra hard for me with this… Read More »

0 Trusting Yourself

Question: I’m 22 years old and have gone out with several boys. Usually it’s just one or two dates, but I have already had two “parshios,” one when I turned 20 and one more recently. Both of those times the boy ended the shidduch. I know with certainty that had either of those two bochurim… Read More »