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Welcome to the “Advice and Chizuk” section of “”. We hope you find this corner to be a source of inspiration and clarity as you sort through the various challenges that this Parsha presents. In this section we hope to hear from you- the dilemmas you face, the feelings you encounter and the choices you may be struggling with.

Sara Eisemann, LMSW, ACSW, is a therapist who lives in Oak Park, Michigan, with her husband and five children. She is on temporary leave from the field (about 10 years now) as she raises her family, but has maintained her love for working with people. Sara lectures on topics related to relationships, personal development and growth. She has a passion for humor, writing, and kiruv but mostly for promoting self-awareness and authenticity in our relationship with Hashem and with each other. She welcomes questions, comments, feedbacks and interaction.

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0 Too Happy – Too Sad

Question: I get very emotionally invested once a date is set up for me and I would like to ask you advice on how to detach so that I can move forward more easily. Before I go on a date, I immediately fantasize on a rosy outcome of that date and hope for the best.… Read More »

0 Pictures…. To Send Or Not To Send?

Question: My daughter is 24 years old, bright, talented, kind, pretty, with a fantastic, warm personality. Shidduchim are difficult if a girl doesn’t have the “right” degree, the “right” job, the “right” hobbies, but we’re doing our best to network and have her meet shadchanim. Recently, a shidduch came up, and the other side asked… Read More »

0 My Friend Has Issues!?

Question: I have a close friend who will soon be entering the shidduch parsha. This guy has a great head for learning, wonderful aspirations for a future in Torah and chinuch, and is handsome too. There’s only one problem: he has emotional issues that can very likely be me’akeyv (hinder) when it comes to this… Read More »

0 Freezing Up

Question: I’ve been dating for a year and have been learning a lot from each of my experiences. One of my weak points while I’m dating is not asking enough important questions. I find myself freezing up when I try to think of how to word my questions because I don’t want to put the… Read More »

0 Reality

Question: My daughter returned from seminary last year and has been in shidduchim for several months. While she was in Eretz Yisroel she developed a close relationship with one of her teachers whom she now considers a mentor. My husband and I are thrilled about the growth she experienced and are happy she found a… Read More »