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By | July 10, 2014


I need help with this in regards to dating AND every day… my bangs split sometimes, and when they do… it’s so annoying!! Now of course, most people’s bangs are not naturally swept to the side, so what do we do in this situation? I don’t want to be sitting there in the middle of a date/meeting etc. playing with my bangs because I know they are split…and I notice split bangs on people and I think it looks kind of funny, so I want to make sure mine don’t!  Any tips? Thanks!


Hi there, I am sure your problem is shared by many. And no, you do not want to be on a date talking to a boy and constantly touching your bangs.  Not only would your bangs become oily but that would bring unwanted attention to your bangs. The first thing that comes to my mind when you tell me that your bangs are splitting would be to make your bangs thicker.  Meaning have a thicker bang cut.  The thicker they are, the less chance you have in them splitting.  A thicker bang gives a different look so you would have to decide first if the look is for you. Your bangs would also have a better chance in not splitting if they are freshly blown which they probably are anyways.  There is not much else you can do especially in the summer when your hot and the bangs tend to stick to your forehead. Well, I guess those are all the cons to wearing bangs but I am all for the bangs as they give an adorable look.  Good Luck and hope you found my suggestions helpful.

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