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Author Topic: Teachers


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Post Teachers
on: August 15, 2013, 2:47 PM

Do you love your students? How do you get there and how important do you think it is?


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Post Re: Teachers
on: August 15, 2013, 7:05 PM

well, love is a very complex emotion, and there are so many different levels of love. i can't say i love all my students 🙂 there are definitely the ones that drive me up the wall and get on my nerves to no end...the ones that i would say i love- i don't love them like one loves close family- it's a totally different type of love. some ppl wouldn't even call it love. they would say they like their students, or enjoy the teacher-student relationship. i have my favorite students, the ones i can totally snuggle up with, read books to, hug them kiss them 🙂 they hug and kiss me (i teach toddlers as one of my teaching jobs) and i do love them, they love me back! How did i get here? i've always loved kids. maybe it's something someone is born with? i think if you don't like little kids, you just won't for a while. you can't make yourself love them. my sister doesn't like little kids so much. she just doesnt. she doesn't usually accept babysitting jobs at all. barely ever did. It's a "different strokes for different folks" kinda thing 🙂 I do think, tho, that if you are teaching, it's very very important to show them warmth, respect, belief in what they can do, and for sure smile at them. Let them know you care. If you show you don't, they will reciprocate, and the class will be out of control, and the students won't focus or learn anything. I'm not saying students have to love every teacher and that teachers have to love every student. but teachers definitely have to develop some sort of relationship with her students for the class to be conducive to a learning environment. It's also good because it lets the students know that they have someone to talk to if they need while they're in school, which can be a very important thing- i didn't always know what was going on in ppls homes, but they know they can talk to me if they need- i had that a few times this year (that would be referring to my 5 to 6 yr old girls).

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