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Author Topic: A few boys lined up...

Dating Coach

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Post A few boys lined up...
on: December 8, 2013, 4:42 PM

isn't it annoying when ur dating one guy, then a few guys pop up (like some have said elsewhere on this website- sometimes you can go awhile without any dates, and then boom you get like 5 guyz at once) and u can't focus on the guy ur dating because ur so unsure, and the other guys sound much more ur type? I recently went out with someone, he's in town, so came b4 all the other guyz who were redt, because they're out of town. this guy was redt to me like a yr ago, we both had hesitations, said no. i still have hesitations, but felt like its still worth a try. we only went out once, dunno if he wants to go out again. i don't have a specific reason not to go out again, so if he wants to, i will. i'm sure this has happened with other girls- what do you do when other guyz seem so much more ur type personality and hashkafawise?


Dating Maven

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Post Re: A few boys lined up...
on: December 8, 2013, 7:27 PM

so i was suggested a second guy while between dates 2 &3 on a guy I wasnt sure about (i wrote about this somewhere else).
so I went on date #3 with the first guy, and was still unsure + had this other guy waiting, so with the 2 factors together I said no (and still dont regret it even though the 2nd guy who seemed very on target was not)
so i guess what i'm saying is give him a relativly fair chance, but dont feel the need to go overboard

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