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Author Topic: Please message me if you need anyone to talk to


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Post Please message me if you need anyone to talk to
on: November 5, 2014, 5:38 PM

I have been through a very difficult and sort of traumatizing dating experience and even though a long time has passed since this happened to me, I still think about it all the time and it has affected many areas of my life a lot. I feel that if I am able to help other people who are going through difficult dating experiences then everything that I went through will be worth it for me and I will feel that my suffering has more meaning. So please if anyone here is ever going through a hard time in life whether it's with dating or anything else that's not even related to dating then please message me and we can communicate through anonymous e-mail accounts. I will try to log on once in a while to this account to see if anyone here messages me.



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Post Re: Please message me if you need anyone to talk to
on: June 29, 2015, 11:53 PM

You sound like you've gone through a lot and so have i. months have passed by now but i dont feel back to myself and i dont know that i ever will - you cant change the past but you can build on the future. so im trying to rebuild again.
and there are some days that are just so so hard... and either no one understands me or didn't know what i went through so they dont even know im having a hard time. and keeping things inside is so so hard.
would love to chat if you ever need someone... thank you for extending your offer! gladly received

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