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Author Topic: Scared of dogs on a date

Dating Maven

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Post Scared of dogs on a date

On a date once walking downtown baltimore by the inner harbour a dog started coming very very close to me and i jumped and the boy told me to say the pasuk " lo yecretz celev lshono etc" Shemos perek 11 pasuk 7 and the dog will go away.
I said it and it worked.
I know it has nothing to do with shidduchim but i felt that it helped me on a date as I'm petrified of dogs and it could be really awkward on dates so wanted to share.


Dating Maven

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Post Re: Scared of dogs on a date

OMG! My sister was once crossing the street and she saw a dog and screamed out the Pasuk..a car came that second and killed the dog! The dog owner started yelling "my dog!" and I think my sister learned her lesson. Don't worry the lady didn't think anything of my sister, it was just cool that it happened at that second.



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Post Re: Scared of dogs on a date
on: April 1, 2014, 9:36 AM

This sounds like mamash superstition. I'm not impressed.

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