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Author Topic: Vulnerability


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Post Vulnerability
on: September 29, 2015, 3:31 PM

**Disclaimer - this was written shortly post-breakup, after dating for 4 months. I realize it may not be hashkafically sound, because hope is never truly gone. May HKB"H show us all geula, on all levels!

I held in my hands
a fragile piece of my heart
a shard of my soul
Of efforts, growth, and art.

I locked eyes with him,
judging the distance,
hoping he's sure,
praying for guidance.

I drew back my hand
and tossed him my life
Ever so slowly
It flew through the air.

Soared on wings of hope,
towards him it arced upwards,
across the divide.
I saw him lean forward.

He stood wide-eyed
and watched its descent,
Put out a hand, to receive it.
He tried.

But the piece of my heart
just floated right by him
slipped through his hands
and smashed to the floor.

Shattered shards of heart
beating no longer
yet somehow still living
broken by silence.

Crushed by the one
who missed the catch
who closed the latch
on my hopes and dreams.

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