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Author Topic: Face the Fear


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Post Face the Fear
on: September 29, 2015, 3:42 PM

A poem about personal growth, and the importance of bravely facing our fears and emotional scars to reach freedom.

I have absolutely no idea if my poetry makes any sense, because I don't show it to people. I figured the perfect chance to find out and to share my thoughts would be in an anonymous frum forum. 🙂


Rustling whispers
shadowy echoes
slither out through a crack
'long the edge
of the box.

Slowly I walk
Draw nearer
My heart in my throat
My hand on the lock.

I slide the bolt
Free from its keeper
The box lid bursts open
A desperate gasp escapes

From the chaos within
whispers no longer,
Howling and screaming
into the night.

The deafening roar
of searing hot memories
unknown agonies
forgotten scars

Flies forth from the cavern
the inky, dark abyss
Heretofore guarded
By mind's lock and key.

The homemade lock
The banished key
United at last
To set me free

The box is open
the demons are gone
The whispers have faded
The echoes have blended
into life's song.
Peace descends.
I tremble no more.

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