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Author Topic: Ongoing Story 2

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Post Ongoing Story 2
on: June 14, 2013, 3:39 PM

Aliza drove the black car into her driveway, being more careful than she usually would be not to scrape the car on the bricks that bordered the front lawn.
"Wow, Aliza, that car's really nice!" her 15-year-old brother Shloimy said, impressed.
"Where'd it come from?" her 9-year-old niece, Chana, asked. They had been playing catch until Aliza drove up.
"I rented it," Aliza told her.
"Rented it? Why?" Chana asked. "Your family has a car already."
"Yes, but this is for me and my friend Shira. We're going on a trip."
"You're really doing that?" Shloimy asked in disbelief. "You're spending $2,000 on a week's vacation? Niagara Falls is pretty, but it's not that great."
"Yeah and that doesn't cost anything," Aliza explained. "We'll be stopping off at a lot of little places along the way so we don't have to drive very long stretches. Nothing too exciting, but Shira and I both need the vacation break."
"You're going away for a whole week?" Chana asked. "Can I come?"
"I don't think your Mommy wants you to do that. She wants you to go to day camp, so you can be with girls your own age, and have a good time before school starts."
"Yeah, but I'll miss you! We're only staying here for the summer and a week is a long time!"
Aliza hugged her little niece and took her by the hand. "I'm sorry, and I'll miss you do, Chana'le. Lets go inside."
"Hey, Minnie Mouse," Chana's mother, Hadassa grinned. "Nice car."
Aliza winced; she hated when people called her that. At 20, she was the youngest in her family, except for Shloimy, and no one seemed to realize that she had grown up. She admitted to herself, occasionally, that she did look like Minnie Mouse, with her dark hair and very light complexion. She was very short, too - when she first started driving everyone teased that she wouldn't be able to reach the pedal.
"Come on, Had. Don't call me that."
"I'll try," Hadassa said without much conviction. "When are you going on your trip?"


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Post Re: Ongoing Story 2 - No Kvetching Please!
on: June 16, 2013, 12:15 AM

"This is the life!" said Aliza starting the engine. "I know I haven't been in shidduchim for long but I sure could use a vacation!" "Yeah me too" said Shira buckling her seat belt. "I'm so excited this will be my first vacation without my family."
Shira was best friends with Aliza ever since they were little girls. While Aliza was more on the cautious side Shira was always ready for an adventure. Aliza specifically picked Shira to go with her over her other friends, she would have been to nervous to go on a trip with anyone else.
"Your not going to believe what I packed" said Shira with a huge grin. "I borrowed a tent from my next door neighbor I'm dying to camp out for a night!"


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Post Re: Ongoing Story 2 - No Kvetching Please!
on: June 17, 2013, 7:46 PM

"Well, I hope it doesn't come to that.." said Aliza with a nervous giggle.
"Come to what?" Shira looked confused.
"Just the way you put it..'dying' to camp out..." she trailed off and let her words sink in for full effect. "And what if we get lost?? It'll be much harder to find us if we're out in the woods somewhere! I don't know, I just think we should stick to civilized areas..." Aliza was definitely ready for a change of scenery, but somehow her idea of a vacation was not sleeping in a hot tent on the ground in some clearing in the woods. "Ya know what I mean?"
Shira laughed. "Oh Leez. You worry too much!! We'll be FINE.. the twins gave me their gigantic camping flashlight and my little sister lent me her special "Bear-B-Gone" spray from camp...although I'm pretty sure it's just a regular 'ol can of deodorant..." Seeing the horrified look on Aliza's face she quickly hurried on. "And besides, we have the GPS for heaven's sake. See look..we need to take the next exit..or maybe the one after that?" She peered at the small screen. "Well, in any case, we can't get lost with this!" She waved the device proudly in the air.
Aliza grinned in spite of herself and shook her head ruefully. She let herself sink a little into the plush front seat and relaxed her grip on the steering wheel. Shira was right. What was the worst that could happen?


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Post Re: Ongoing Story 2 - No Kvetching Please!
on: June 20, 2013, 1:23 PM

They were driving towards Manhattan when they realized they hadn't decided on their first stop yet.
"Where do you want to go first?" Aliza asked. "We have a whole week so we can take five days to get to Niagara if we really want to."
"I hate long drives, so lets draw it out in short bites. Passaic is close, and I haven't seen my cousins there in ages."
"I think I have some people I can look up there, too," Aliza said. "I had a roommate from there in seminary. And then lets go to Monroe."
"MONROE? What's there?"
"Nothing much. But I know it's in the right direction, and it should be nice driving, and then we can stop for fresh kosher food in Kiryas Yoel and we can shop in Woodbury commons if we are in the mood."
"So we have two stops planned. I think that's enough for now," Shira said, leaning back comfortably.
Aliza would have liked to plan in more detail but figured there would be plenty of time until they got to Passaic, and they could plan more there. She was more the organized type, while Shira liked to take things as they happened. So she just asked, "Can you plug in the first address on the GPS?"
Shira took out an iPhone, and Aliza stared. "Since when do you have such a fancy phone?"
"I don't, it's my brother's. My mother made him switch phones with me - this one has an internet connection wherever you go. She was worried about us traveling so much, and she said this will calm her down a little. She emailed me our family phonebook so I could have everyone's phone numbers and addresses."
Shira played with the phone a little. "Uh, Aliza?"
"Yeah?" Shira sounded embarrassed, and Aliza was surprised - Sira usually said whatever came to her without thinking twice.
"My mother included a couple of shadchanim on this list - what do you think? Should we visit some of the people in Passaic?"


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Post Re: Ongoing Story 2 - No Kvetching Please!
on: June 23, 2013, 1:40 AM

"Oh! Come on. we are going for a VACATION, not to meet shadchanim." Aliza said "let's just enjoy ourselves." They continued traveling down the highway listening to their favorite song.


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Post Re: Ongoing Story 2 - No Kvetching Please!
on: June 23, 2013, 5:45 AM

"I cleaned up the whole mess, and made it look so nice, but I had no more money to buy another slice.
As I left the store I turned and said 'Good-bye!' He said 'You're really nice- here's an extra pie!

The Torah says be nice! The Torah says be kind! Be helpful be thankful and cheerful all the time!

AAAAYYYYYY AyyyyyAyayay Ayayayayyyyy Ay Ay OY VEI!" The girls sang, yelling at the top of their lungs. They cracked up and Aliza felt tears in
her eyes and her stomach hurt from laughing. The Uncle Moishy tape had been blasting at full volume for the last half hour.

Shira had brought a bunch of these kind of tapes along- she was the oldest in her family, and with so many little kids around,
that was just the kind of music they listened to. Aliza didn't mind- it was fun going down memory lane like that once in a while,
and letting loose a bit. Maybe that was why Shira had wanted to visit shadchanim on their way- it wasn't like she had a bunch of older
married siblings who had been through this already and were always on her case about really getting started. Aliza knew from their experience
that being in shidduchim was not always a walk in the park, to say the least. She really admired those older girls, like that Kleinman girl from shul.
What was her name? Rina? Dina? Yeah that was it. Anyway, Aliza hoped shidduchim wouldn't be too hard on her, and that she wouldn't have
to wait too long for her bashert. But if she did- at least she hoped she would be able to take it with as much grace as Dina did.

Shira sighed happily as the song wound down and Aliza came back to the present, just in time to hear Shira exclaim-"Now I have a major craving
for pizza!! I think our first stop should be Jerusalem Pizza on Main St.- you know, Teddy's? My cousins love it!" She typed the address of the pizza store into the GPS.

- - - -

Bentzi stifled a yawn and leaned his tired head back against the seat of the car behind him. His legs were doubled up under him and they
were starting to really hurt-the metal buckle from his sandal was digging into his skin. His elbows were squashed against a hard, bright pink suitcase on one side, and a scratchy green camping tent on the other.
He picked listlessly at the new yellow Spongebob band-aid on his knee. He was beginning to wonder why he had listened to Shalom and agreed to this whole plan in the first place. Just because Shalom was nine years old and lived in America didn't mean he was smarter.
People from Har Nof were also smart! His neighbor Itzik from building 32 was probably the smartest boy he had ever met.
And he was only eight! But a dare was a dare.
He had been sitting cramped up like this for at least..well..probably an hour. He didn't know exactly how long an
hour was but he knew it was a very, very, long time. He wished he could drink something.
He smiled to himself as he thought about how his aunt Aliza and her friend had been singing Uncle Moishy songs the whole way here.
They thought they could sing so well...!
Maybe they'll play Marvelous Middos Machine next, he hoped. Or Kivi and Tuki. I like Kivi and Tuki..
His stomach grumbled loudly and he hoped they couldn't hear it up there in the front.
Well, at least they were going to get pizza now. Maybe when they parked the car he would just get out
and tell them everything, and say he was very sorry for tagging along and hiding in the back, and could he please have some pizza?
He tried his best to keep his eyes open, but the warm thrum of the engine
beneath him made it very hard to do so, and finally the little boy succumbed to exhaustion.


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Post Re: Ongoing Story 2 - No Kvetching Please!
on: July 2, 2013, 1:35 AM

"That was good, but not as good as Brooklyn pizza," Aliza said.
"But it wasn't as expensive, either, so it evens out," Shira shrugged. "I'll go pay." She stuck her hand in her pocketbook and fished around. "Hey, it isn't here!" They had pooled an even amount of money before they left, so that they would have to keep figuring out how much they owed each other or pay twice for everything.
"Of course not, I had it last," Aliza laughed. "I left it in the car. I'll go get it."
She went to the car and sat down in the front seat while she opened the glove compartment to get the wallet. It was pretty quiet because it was way past lunch time. There weren't any other cars parked nearby, and there weren't any families walking around. So when she heard a snort coming from a few feet away, she was rather startled.
"Who - who's there?" she asked, wondering if a mugger was hiding and laughing at her.
There was no answer.
The noise came again.
This time she figured out that the noise had come from the back of the car. She walked around to the back and didn't see anyone. She looked through the back window to see if someone was standing in the front, after all, and saw movement inside the car. Someone was inside the car.
She ran back into the store for Shira.
"Shira! There's someone or something in the car!"


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Post Re: Ongoing Story 2 - No Kvetching Please!
on: July 2, 2013, 5:56 AM

Shira opened the back door. "I don't see anyone!"
"I'm telling you someone was in there." Aliza insisted.
"Well I don't see anyone. Are you sure it wasn't just your imagination? Who do you think would be hiding in there?"
"I don't know.. but there are all those creepy mugger stories and I didn't want to just let it go too easily."
Shira peered through the window at all the things they were taking; the tent, the suitcases, the dufflebags.
"Where would a full grown man hide in here?"
"I guess you're right." Aliza sighed, not completely reassured.
"Besides, were the doors locked when you got back?"
"Well then we have nothing to worry about."


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Post Re: Ongoing Story 2 - No Kvetching Please!
on: July 6, 2013, 11:01 PM

Bentzi yawned and stretched. For a minute, he was scared; he didn't remember where he was, and he couldn't see anything. Then his eyes adjusted to the darkness and he remembered where he was. The tent had covered him up, and when he moved it aside, he was able to see again. The car was moving, and he realized that he must have slept through the stop for pizza. He was starving.
"Aliza, I just heard a noise in the back of the car," Shira said suddenly, grasping at Aliza's wrist.
"Shira! I'm driving!" Shira let go. "I told you I heard something! I'm pulling over." Luckily, they were on the streets, not the highway, and Aliza found a spot just a few feet away.
The girls jumped out of the car and approached the rear of the car.
"Something is in the trunk," Aliza whispered.
"Do you think its a squirrel?" Shira asked. "We didn't see it before, so it must be pretty small."
"Let's find out," Aliza said, taking a deep breath. She held out the keys and pressed the trunk-up button.
"I don't see anything," Shira said.
"I don't- wait, Shira, did you pack a denim bag? I don't remember seeing one in here before."
"No, isn't that your bag?"
"Do you think its a bomb?" Shira asked, backing up.
"In DENIM? No way!"



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Post Re: Ongoing Story 2
on: July 7, 2013, 11:51 PM

“Nah it’s probably one of my skirts that fell out of my suitcase.”
The girls got into the car and were back on their way. A little while later they got to Woodbury Commons and started backing into a parking spot. Aliza, being tired from her late night the night before, didn’t notice a smaller car parked further in the same spot. It all happened too quickly for Aliza and Shira, and before they knew it, Alizas car was totaled with the whole back of the car bashed in until the two front seats. The girls jumped from the crash and got suddenly frightened from a loud shreak coming from the back of the car.
“AAAAHHHHHH! Its Bentzi!! Quickly call Hatzala!!!!”

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Post Re: Ongoing Story 2
on: July 8, 2013, 5:05 PM

"What?" Aliza screamed, still recovering from the crash and the shock. Not having time to process that Bentzi should not have been in the car at all she quickly managed to unbuckle and leave the car with a limp Shira. By that time, a small crowd had gathered around, including a Frum woman who was talking on the phone with Hatzala. Seeing them get out of the car in one piece, she turned to Aliza and asked, "Are you ok, was anyone else in the car with you?" Aliza, still shaking and unable to get out the words turned to Shira. "I think maybe someone else was," sputtered Shira. "I am not sure, check the trunk."
Meanwhile. they heard sirens in the distance and began to gain their bearings. Aliza's first coherent thought was, "oh no, it's a rental. I am in huge trouble." Then, slowly she came to her senses. Atleast I am alive and Shira appears to be fine. With shaking hands she reached back into her car for her cellphone and dialled her mother's cell. Picking up, Mrs Greenberg said, "Bentzi is missing, and I am getting really nervous. No one has seen him for hours. I can't talk now, as the Police are here. Is it an emergency?"


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Post Re: Ongoing Story 2
on: July 31, 2013, 9:52 PM

Shira was trying to unload their belongings from the smashed trunk from the rear seat trying to desperatly look for Bentzi when all of the sudden she jumps and bumps her head in the cieling after being shocked from hearing Aliza yell "What?! Bentzi is missing?!"
Aliza wasnt sure if she was hearing right. She was still trying to recover herself from the accident that happened a few minutes ago. Maybe this accident has gotten her a little flustered. What was her mother telling her? What did Shira just say? Was that Bentzi that shrieked? "The cops are at our house now? But why? What do you mean Bentzi is missing? No, he is standing right here infront of me in Shira's arms." What? What is he doing here in Shira's arms? How did he get here? "Alliza! Quick! I think he has been badly hurt. He was in the car with us the whole time in the trunk.

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