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0 Worry Free Living by Devorah

“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it keeps you going but gets you nowhere.”

I was thinking about this when I was worrying about something. I kept thinking, “what if this happens?” and “what if that happens?!” and then I said to myself, “You know, there are so many things that could
go wrong but don’t. All you have to do is put your trust in Hashem. Hashem loves you and only has the best things in mind for you. All you have to do is believe in Him.”

I had to keep thinking these thoughts and reminding myself that I am totally in Hashem’s hands. Hashem loves me and wants to keep me happy so why should I worry so much? And besides, it’s true that worrying
won’t accomplish anything productive at all!

All it does is make you nervous. And that wont really get you very far!!

So why do I worry so much? I think it’s because I need to strengthen my emunah in Hashem. Because if I really trusted that Hashem only wants to make me happy and only wants to do good for me, I wouldn’t
worry so much. In fact, I wouldn’t worry at all!! Now, it’s easy to say that I shouldn’t worry at all, but there are things on my mind and I do think about the things that could go wrong in my day, in my week
ahead and in the month that is coming along. But no! Hashem does not want us to spend our time worrying and thinking negative thoughts. He wants us to think positive and trust in Him. Thinking positive is very
productive because then you want to follow your thoughts.

It’s like this: If I wake up in the morning thinking, “Oh no! It’s raining outside! It’s going to be a horrible day…” then, yes, chances are that my day won’t turn out so nicely. But if I wake up that same
morning and say, “Modeh Ani! Thank you Hashem that I am alive and healthy! Hey! It’s raining outside! I’ll take an umbrella and I’ll be fine.” The rain didn’t go away but my attitude is what will make all
the difference!

So next time you have thoughts that make you nervous, think about the rocking chair, it just moves back and forth, back and forth…but doesn’t get you anywhere! That’s what worrying is like, it keeps you
thinking those same, “what if” thoughts again and again but you end up in the same place, without moving at all. Instead, think positively and that will definitely get you somewhere!



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0 The Results Are Permanent – Inspiration By Devoiry

A friend of mine sent this to me yesterday and I feel compelled to share the inspiration with you.

I was in the car and got some inspiration and decided to write.

“The inconvenience is temporary yet the results are permanent.”

I passed by a construction site with these words plastered on the fence. It made me think.

Yes, the pain and discomfort and anguish are only temporary.

The discomfort of working through my middos and idiosyncrasies are only temporary.

Yet the results are permanent.

The messy construction site will be fashioned into a magnificent structure in all its splendor.

As for the pain, it will achieve its purpose. It will make me stronger and enable me to be a more committed eved Hashem and will help me reach shleimus.

The tiny steps in working on myself will turn me into the person I aspire to be.

The discomfort is only a passing thing yet the results are permanent. This has become a motto of sorts for me.

As I go about daily life and obstacles crop up, I remember this. At first, I naturally cringe…but when I visualize the barren construction site, I smile. Because though it is hard and it hurts, the discomfort is fleeting and the results are everlasting.

(My comment :)May we be able to internalize this message. May we be able to remember as we go through the daily obstacles of life, the small challenges and the big ones, that the results of the work we put in now will be permanent and the inconveniences, the pain, the discomfort we feel during those difficult times will pass. May we be able to build beautiful edifices of strength, connection and perfection of our flaws and may we be able to become better people through the construction site of life we experience.

0 Succos

I read this on – thoughts from R’ Shimshon Pincus zt”l. It’s an amazing comparison. Enjoy!

Imagine for yourself, a Father who is strolling through the busy ‘Shuk’(Marketplace) for Arba Minim in Yerushalayim on Erev Sukkos, on the hunt for that ‘perfect’ Lulav and Esrog. He takes along his precious little toddler, ‘Yankele’. He instructs Yankele to stay close and not to leave go of his hand and stray from him in this commotion. However, in the process and tumult of inspecting various Lulavim etc. Yankele becomes dis-attached from his father and wanders off on his own.

Soon, Yankele’s Tatty realizes that his son is no longer with him and he begins to search frantically for his lost son! He hurries to the Police station to inquire whether they have received a lost child. To his relief, they answer in the affirmative and ask him to prove that the boy is truly his own son. All of a sudden, a shrieking child is heard in the background…..


Yankele makes a beeline straight for his Tatty and grabs him and hugs him tight…WHERE DID YOU GO, TATTY!!!! Why did you leave me! In this instant, there are no questions as to this Father/Son relationship, Yankele holds his father tight and vows to never let go again!

This is the definition of Teshuva – Repentance! This moment in time facilitates the most powerful type of connection to Borei Olam; through the power of a true Teshuva!

We are all children of Hashem. We love our Tatty in heaven and he loves us unconditionally in return. Hashem provides for all of our needs. We try to stay close and keep a connection with Hashem. However, we are all human and at times we stray far away by virtue of our sins which act as a barrier to distance ourselves from Hashem Yisborach.

However, there comes a moment in time – when we fall so low, we stumble so severely AND THEN WE SUDDENLY FIND HASHEM (Yom Kippur is such a day)!

In this instant, we cry out to Hashem with the force of all of our mishaps, of our trials, tribulations and failures – and we scream; TATTY, WHERE ARE YOU?? WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME!! I NEED YOU!!!

We proceed to grab Hashem’s hand with such a fierce love and longing and with a deep and unswerving desire to never let go again!

This situation of love is the distinguishing characteristic between our situation before and after Yom Kippur.

It is this overwhelming feeling of love, generated by our finding Hashem during the awesome days of Rosh Hashana through Yom Kippur, which leads us into the days of Sukkos – which are precisely defined as days of love and devotion to Hashem!

In fact, everything we do on Sukkos (from our move into the Sukkah – to our shaking of our Arba Minim) is replete with the overtones and demonstration of love for Hashem Yisborach!

This is what we achieved over Sukkos – that deep feeling of love towards Hashem once we have returned to Him fully!! May you be able to continue to feel this special love for Him all the time!

0 A Parsha Poem

Parshas Shemos
The Jews enslaved
Put to work
Backbreaking labor
Not much time to think
Just work work work
No time for a drink
No time for much
Except work
Gather materials
Keep moving
Keep going
Keep working
No stopping.

In between
The schlepping
The dragging
The pulling
A Jew lets out
A sigh
A sigh of pain
Of emotion
Of despair
Of prayer.

No time to talk
No time to express
Real prayer
So instead
They groaned
They sighed
They cried
They expressed
That which real words
Cannot express.

And Hashem
He heard
Vata’al shav’asam
Their outcry
Their deep expression of pain
Went up
Rose up
To the highest Heavens
And He heard
Their unspoken words
Their sigh
Their groans.
Their cries
Spoke volumes
That only Hashem
Could hear
Could really know
The meaning behind
The depth of
Their pain.

The message
We all
Can take
Is the same.
Hashem knows
Hashem hears
Your unspoken words
When pain is too strong
To talk
To express
Real words of prayer
He still hears
The silent whisper
The silent voice
Behind each sigh
Behind each cry
Direct it to Him
He hears
He knows
He understands
And He listens.

Much has changed
Since the time
We spent
In mitzrayim
We are not tortured
Put to work
Forced labor
But we go through
Of pain
It’s the same
We’re the same
We turn to Hashem
Our Father
In those moments
Of despair
Of pain
Of emotion
In prayer
With that same sigh
With that same cry
He listens.


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4 When There’s A Way Out

The story of Chana and her seven sons.

It’s a story that is so hard to understand.

How did a mother watch all her children, one after the next, get killed?

Was she proud that they stood up for what was right?

That they didn’t give in?

Did she wish one of them would have succumbed?

Will we ever know?

I want to focus on a different part of this story for a minute.

When the last child, the youngest of all seven, stood before the king and was asked to bow down, he refused. Just like all his brothers.

The king had mercy on this little innocent child. He decided to give him a little opening, a chance to remain alive. He threw his ring to the ground and asked the child if he would pick up the ring. Although this would mean bowing down to the idol, since that wouldn’t be the little boy’s intention, it would be fine…right? He would just be bending down to pick up the ring of the king. Wouldn’t that be okay?

His life would be spared. He would be able to continue living! Should he do it? Would he do it?


The child, this pure, little innocent child did not give in. He did not grab on to his last hope for life. He saw a loophole-an opportunity to do something just a teeny bit wrong but a little right at the same time. And he didn’t give in.

How many times in life are we open to loopholes? How many times do we see a way out and we run?

Can we remain strong? Stick to our convictions? Stick to what’s right and do it even when it’s hard?

Just something to think about…and a powerful lesson to take from a little child who gave up his life so as not to do the wrong thing…even when there was such an easy way out.

Such strength.

Such rock-solid emunah he must have had to be able to withstand a split-second test.

I am jealous of his mother.

Not for what she had to go through…but for the chinuch she gave her children so they were able to withstand such an incredible test. Each and every one of them was able to overcome it.

May you be able to stay strong and do what is right…even when there’s a way to escape…even when no one will know.

Because Hashem Above always knows. He sees the deepest parts of your heart…that no one else will know about. He understands your challenges and your struggles.

May you always be able to stick to doing what is right.

A Freilechen Chanukah
– Devorah

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